Giant Film Productions Sweden
Documentary, Reportage and Creative Production.
Marika Griehsel and Simon Stanford are the driving force at Giant Film Production Sweden.
We are an award winning team of journalists and documentary producers, with a broad international client base.
We provide creative production solutions together with our partners and co producers.
Simon Stanford has many years of experience as a cameraman/ director of photography.

Mr Simon Stanford is one of the most experienced conflict-zone producer/cameramen we have worked with. Beyond professional skills in filming and video editing, Mr Stanford is also a great researcher and field producer. His network, deep knowledge and experience makes him a very valuable partner for any project- regardless if it is news reporting, reportage or documentary filming.
Saam Kapadia, senior producer, Korrespondenterna, Swedish Television (SVT).

Contact Information
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+46739601400 / 401
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Kappelgrand 8
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